5 Tips For a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is one week away! If you're hosting the big meal this year, we know you'll want your table to be as pretty as possible without taking too much time away from cooking and enjoying your loved ones. Here are five tips to put together a lovely Thanksgiving tablescape your friends and family will enjoy gathering around!

1. Start by setting the table

Make your guests feel right at home by setting your table. While it is fun to break out the fine china, don't be afraid to mix and match dishes for a more electic look.

Break out the cloth napkins for an elegant touch. Pick some up the next time you're in TJ Maxx or Home Goods for a great price!

Here's a handy info graphic from Pinterest as a reminder on how to properly set your table, but remember - rules are meant to be broken :) 

2. Personalize 

Wether you're hosting four or twenty-four, place cards are a wonderful way to make sure everyone is seated next to the perfect dinner partner. Go elegant and use your fanciest script, or let the kids help and create colorful and creative place cards!


Edna Valley Vineyard

Dixie Crystals

3. Light it up!

Set the mood for a warm and intimate meal with lots and lots of candle light!



4. Mix and Match

Mix it up with different textures. Consider pinecones, ribbons, table runners, bundles of sticks, floral arrangements, pumpkins, antlers - almost anything you can think of!



5. Let there be height!

Bring in decor elements of varying heights for added visual interest. Your candles can help with this as can flower arrangements in different sized vases, gourds, fruit, and more!

Farmhouse Table by James+James


How will you style your Thanksgiving Table? We'd love to see photos - shoot us an email at  designteam@carpenterjames.com or leave us a comment below!

Heirloom Pedestal Table by James+James

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