Why Buy American-Made Products? 8 Reasons

Why Buy American-Made Products? 8 Reasons

Our home is the soul of our family. It should feel like an extension of ourselves, with products that reflect our unique personalities and support day-to-day lifestyles. But what we see in showrooms and on websites is curated; there’s no way to test how it’ll hold up to everyday wear and tear. And the manufacturing country of origin can greatly affect product quality.

How do you know if the manufacturer decided to shave costs by going with the cheap screws that leave your new table and chairs wobbling within a week? Does the wood stain release volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

Domestic quality assurance merely offers one answer to the question, “Why buy American-made products?” So, let’s dive further into this and seven more reasons to buy American.

1. Supports Local Jobs and Economy

When you buy products from an American business, that money goes right back into its community, boosting local and regional economies. The dollars you exchange for furniture re-circulate into worker compensation, to other businesses via supply chain purchases, and to taxes that support public infrastructure and other beneficial services.

American businesses also play a pivotal role in job creation. As a local business grows, it provides more job opportunities for residents in the community—with smaller, independently owned and operated businesses responsible for 66% of all new job openings. In turn, employment levels are more likely to stabilize, allowing these businesses and residents to further invest in their community.1

2. Ensures Higher Quality Standards

When making a purchase, one of the most important factors to consider is quality: it should look good, feel good, and last as long as you need. American companies provide the quality you deserve by utilizing skilled, well-trained workers, obtaining high-quality materials from reliable sources, and carefully inspecting and testing products to ensure durability and safety.

American manufacturers are also required to meet certain government standards that regulate labor, quality, and environmental safety. There is no guarantee that products sold overseas are required to follow the same standards.

3. Reduces Environmental Impact

Transporting products overseas requires a lot more fuel and energy than it does to ship these items locally. Each mode of transportation burns fossil fuels, which releases carbon emissions and pollutes the atmosphere. Domestic shipping reduces unnecessary transport, meaning a reduced carbon footprint.2

Aside from the reduction of carbon emissions, American companies are required to follow manufacturing regulations that aim to minimize pollution and protect the environment.3

4. Promotes Fair Labor Practices

Along with environmental regulations, American manufacturers must follow labor laws like The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and regulatory bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that establish minimum wages, regulate child labor, and ensure humane working environments. Knowing that you’re supporting workspaces that are healthy, safe, and fair offers peace of mind when making a purchase.4

5. Less Dependence on Foreign Suppliers

When a disruption occurs along a supply chain, cascading effects can lead to production delays, miscommunications, product shortages, and price fluctuations. American businesses minimize these issues and strengthen their supply chain by utilizing domestic sources, so they’re less dependent on foreign suppliers.

Being less dependent on foreign suppliers also allows American businesses to be self-sufficient and retain complete control over their creative, financial, and marketing decisions.1

6. Encourages Innovation and Investment in Local Industries

The success of local businesses fosters an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. It inspires others to introduce new ideas to the market and create their own businesses, building an entrepreneurial culture and community. When we support these local industries, we’re also investing in the future and well-being of our community.1

7. Ensures Product Safety and Accountability

When you shop from American businesses, you know you’re getting high-quality products crafted with care. Just like safe labor practices and environmental regulations, consumer health and safety is a top priority. The Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) protects consumers from potential hazards by ensuring products are tested, certified, and safe.5

That’s not always the case with products made outside the US. For example, the importation of drywall materials from China between 2001-2008 led to severe health concerns and complications for homeowners across 42 states.6

If an issue ever arises, local businesses take accountability to enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

8. Supports the American Brand and Global Leadership

The United States is a symbol of innovation, with our businesses stemming from the passion and expertise of the early inventors who carved the foundation of American manufacturing. Shopping locally allows American businesses to uphold that reputation of producing high-quality goods and services that exceed customer expectations.

When the American economy thrives due to supporting local businesses, it promotes global economic leadership and demonstrates moral responsibility and market viability of companies upholding fair labor, environmental, health, and more standards. Hopefully, this example inspires other countries to follow.

Moreover, it maintains a tradition of innovative Americans revolutionizing industries from their garage with a simple idea (that’s our story, too, after all…).

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Why buy American-made products? When you support a local business, you’re a part of something greater. Get the high-quality, long-lasting items you deserve while helping the environment, ensuring the safety of workers, boosting the economy, and helping our community thrive.

You and your family deserve the best quality products as you create a home where you’ll share your special memories, laughter, and love. At James+James, we honor the American brand, prioritizing sustainability and carefully crafting American-made dining tables and furniture that feel personal to you—because home is where the heart is.


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