When To Use A Square Dining Room Table

As a leader in the solid wood, handcrafted furniture industry, James+James builds a lot of square tables every year! We're often asked by customers "when to use a square dining table" or "does my room have enough space for a square dining table?"

The short answer is that square tables work best in square spaces! Square tables bring a sense of balance and symmetry to square dining rooms or breakfast nooks. They also put everyone on "equal footing" so to speak - everyone gathered around the table is equally close to one another. This makes conversation easy and is also perfect for playing games or cards!

Square tables can also work well in kitchen nooks or small spaces. Smaller square tables can accmodate four people comfortably and can also be tucked neatly into a corner when not in use. 

Pro Tip:

To soften the hard angles of a square table, try pairing your square table with chairs that feature some curves or are upholstered. 

A Lazy Susan is also a great accompaniment to a square table, especially those square tables that seat eight people. People can easily serve themselves without having to reach over others seated at the table. 

Centerpieces or table top decor can also soften the linear look of square dining tables. Try something botanical for a beautiful pop of color!


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