What Size Dining Table Seats 6?

Updated April 22, 2024

At James+James, we build a lot of solid wood dining and kitchen tables each year in all shapes and sizes. Yet nothing beats the popularity of a 6 person table, especially for a kitchen table area, smaller dining rooms, and breakfast nooks. "What length table for 6 people?" "How long does a table need to be to fit 6?" are very common questions for our team.

Finding the Right Table Size for Your Dining Room

We understand that the heart of your home is your dining room. It's more than just a place to eat; it's where memories are made. Whether you're furnishing a spacious dining area or a cozy nook, the right table size is crucial. For those wondering about the ideal dining table size for six, we've got all the insights you need to choose the perfect piece for your home.

Maximizing Your Dining Space with the Right Table

The quest for the perfect dining table goes beyond just finding a table that seats six. It's about understanding how dining chairs, table dimensions, and even table shape can influence your dining room furniture setup. Let's dive into how different table shapes—from rectangular tables to round dining tables—can complement your home.

6' L x 37" W Turnbuckle Table in Dark Walnut stain with a jointed top.

Rectangular Dining Table: A Classic Choice

A rectangular table is a timeless option that fits well in most dining rooms. It's ideal for those who love to host dinner parties or have a large family. The elongated shape of a rectangular dining table offers flexibility in seating arrangements and makes it easy to add a couple of extra chairs when guests come over.

For Rectangular Tables: Most people find that a 6 foot long (72 inch) dining table is perfect for seating 6 comfortably.

Square Dining Table: For Compact Spaces

A square table is an excellent choice for small dining areas or as a complement to your kitchen. It's easy to fit into corners or smaller rooms, maximizing your space without sacrificing style.

For Square Tables: A common inquiry involves finding a table size suitable for seating six guests. It's important to note that the number six does not evenly divide among the four sides of a square table. Typically, a 46" x 46" table is recommended for accommodating four guests, while a 55" x 55" or a larger 66" x 66" table is suggested for seating eight. However, for those open to non-traditional seating arrangements, opting for a 55" x 55" or 66" x 66" table can also comfortably seat six guests, albeit without the conventional symmetry.

Round Dining Table: Elegance in the Dining Area

A round dining table brings a sense of intimacy to mealtime. It's perfect for smaller dining spaces where you want to foster close-knit conversations. Round tables also eliminate sharp corners, making them a safer option for families with young children.

For Round Tables: Most of our customers find that 54" to 60" round tables are pefect for seating 6. 

54" Round Pedestal Table with Henry Chairs.

No matter the shape you're going with, here are a few more things to consider when sizing your perfect dining table:

1. Your Chair Width

Most side dining chairs range from 16" wide to 24" wide. Arm chairs can easily reach 30" wide. If you're going with a narrower chair, you'll be able to sit more along the side of the smaller table, but if your chairs are larger, you might need to bump up your table length. 

2. Your Table Base Style

If you need to maximize seating, you might consider a trestle or pedestal style table - those styles will allow you to seat guests along the entire length of the table. Compare that to a corner leg table, where you have to fit all the chairs between the legs of the table and you can see the advantage in certain circumstances. For chairs on the ends of the table, make sure the trestle is inset at least 13" or that the corner legs are wide enough apart to seat someone comfortably.

Pictured above is a 6' long x 37" wide table with six 17" wide chairs and corner legs.

With the corner legs replaced by a trestle/pedestal style table, the table can now seat 8 total (albeit very tightly with very narrow chairs).

3. Your Room's Size

You don't want to overcrowd your room. One great tip that helps hundreds of our customers each year: Use painters tape to draw a table on the floor. This will realy help you visialize the new table in your space. Try to keep at least 3' of clearance from all walls for comfort. Then simply take a tape measure and measure what you drew on the ground with painter's tape.  Since we build tables to custom sizes, if that happens to 6.75', perfect! That's what we'll build your table at.

Bonus: Consider A Bench

A bench down one side of the table might be a good option to consider, especially with children. When needed, you can pack several kids (and their friends, cousins etc.) on a bench - but with chairs it's pretty much just 1 per seat. A bench can also be tucked away under the table to free up room outside of meal time AND depending on the length of you table, one bench might come at a cost savings over several chairs.

6' L x 37" W Country French Turned Leg Table pictured with a matching Dianne Bench.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Ready to customize your new 6-seater dining table or any other piece of furniture? James+James offers custom tables to ensure your furniture perfectly fits your space and style. Whether it's adjusting the dining table height, selecting a unique tabletop, or choosing the ideal table dimensions, we're here to make your vision a reality.

Still have questions? Our team would love to help. Just shoot your questions to designteam@carpenterjames.com, and one of our design consultants will get back to you quickly. Give us a call at 479-633-7557 or leave us a comment below!

Ready to customize your new table? Let's get started

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