What Does Filled Knots Mean?

What Does Filled Knots Mean? Great question! As you've probably noticed, we offer the option on most table product pages for filled knots.

We build all of our tables with solid, real wood. Which has natural and real knots.

Some people love the look of the natural open knots on the top of the table, but others would rather have those knots on the top of the table filled. If you select "filled knots" we'll fill any open knot holes on the top of the table, so you'll still be able to see the beautiful knots in the wood, but you won't have an open knot hole on the table top.

Here's an example of open, natural knots on an alder table top:

Here's an example of an alder table with the table top knots filled:

After the knots are filled, the top is sanded smooth, then the stain and top finish are applied. If you have any questions, feel free to call (479-633-7557), text, or email us. You can also comment below.


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