The Watson Experience

Photo Updates:
signage going up inside the demonstration wood shop.

a mural is painted inside the store
signage is installed near the front of the store.
exterior lighting and signage is lit
Green wall with neon sign added.
We recreated the classic 1960's delivery trucks they use to use at the Watson building in the 60s.
Giant windows look from the store into the demonstration wood shop.
A new awning is installed.
The walls are being tapped off in preparation of the ceiling being painted black.
A hole is cut in the ceiling of the white building to allow for roof/deck access.
Four 6ft x 6ft holes have been cut between the two buildings, creating a large viewing area into the wood shop from the store.
A wall is shiplapped inside the entrance to the store.
New signage went up in the exisiting sign casings on 2/14/2020
An old picture of the Watson building circa 1965
James+James has purchased an identical truck that is being repainted to honor the original delivery trucks from the 60s.


Original Story:

We're excited to announce that we'll be opening a 'store + woodshop' experience in downtown Springdale, AR. Renovations are underway at the Watson building in downtown Springdale and we will be opening the new experience in early 2020.

We want to give our customers a chance to see our furniture being built and smell the saw dust, so the Watson Experience will include a full demonstration woodshop separated from a large retail store by glass windows (we're actually going to repurpose the original windows from upstairs to create 24 feet of viewing from the store into the woodshop). 

Artist Rendering (woodshop on left, retail store on right)

The Watson building has a rich history in downtown Springdale and we're so honored to help bring such a special building back to life. The new store will honor and pay tribute to the building's history since the late 1940s.
Watson Building, corner of S Main St and W Meadow Ave, just off Emma Ave.
James+James has been in Springdale since we left our garage in 2012 and we're so excited to be bringing this experience to downtown Springdale. For a company full of hardworking craftsmen and craftswomen, there's no better place for us to bring this experience. Springdale has a rich history of getting to work and making it happen and that's exactly what the hardworking men and women at James+James do everyday. We're very excited about what's happening in downtown Springdale and we hope this new retail experience will give families yet another reason to shop and dine in downtown Springdale.
Artist 3D rendering inside store, looking towards woodshop. 
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