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Figuring out what size table is right for your space can be frustrating. Luckily, with a few simple tips, it doesn’t have to be. We build thousands of tables each year and here’s what you need to know to be a table sizing pro: Tip 1: Seating Capacity Figuring out how many people you want to seat at your table is a great place to start. Chair widths and spacing preferences vary, but as a general rule: For Rectangular Tables: 6’ tables seat 6 loved ones 8’ tables seat 8 loved ones 10’ tables seat 10 loved ones 12’ tables...

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Round Vs. Square Dining Table -

                      vs.           A dining table  helps set the mood for meals with your family, as well as when you are hosting guests.  Dining tables come in a host of styles and sizes to accommodate your specific need.    The Benefits of Selecting a Square Table If your dining room is square, this style is a good option to consider. Square tables help maintain a balance and proportion in a symmetrical room. With choices between 4 to 8 seats, they aren’t extremely large that they end...

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