Social Media Influence on Home Decor



“There is no place like home” – John Howard Payne

So true! No matter where you go and what you do, home is where the heart is. A home is a place where families bond, children grow, and life unwraps in its own course. A home is not just a symbol of class and wealth, but is a reflection of your esthetic sense, self identity, and values in life.

Over the recent years, the home decor industry has grown into one of the largest sectors; and undeniably social media has played a vital role in catalyzing this growth. But what is the role of social media in home decor? How has it changed the way people think and perceive home decor ideas?

For starters, social media has kindled the interest for esthetic home decorations in it's users. People across the world now believe they can have more resources to design their own living space. Social media has made access to niche products easier. Social media, and provided tools to let you experiment with color, pattern and finish ... and for free!! It has become the place for people of all kinds to draw inspiration and  make their home a manifestation of their personality. Let us now explore some of the top social media websites and how they have transformed the home decor industry.


Did you know that most of the popular home decor sites in the US receive maximum referrals through Pinterest? Pinterest has revolutionized the DIY idea market and its influence on home decor. Design enthusiasts claim that Pinterest has single handedly been responsible for sprucing up their living quarters.

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Facebook absolutely needs no advertising! More than half of the population on the planet has a Facebook account today! Home decor pages on Facebook facilitate sharing of ideas, reviews about top retailers, and act as a major cyber space for thriving business.

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You do not have to travel across the world anymore to experience the different styles of architecture. The Houzz website brings it all to you right in your living room. From a simple DIY idea for your garage, to designing your whole new apartment, Houzz has it all!!


Social media has undisputedly changed the way of business in shaping the home decor industry. These websites are for flamboyant DIY home owners and professional designers alike and offer global access to free resources, allowing searchers to tap into amazing talent through social media conversations and groups.

 Thus, social media influences your dream home by changing the way you dream about it!   


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