How Wide Is a King Size Bed Frame?

How Wide Is a King Size Bed Frame?

Selecting the perfect bed is no small task. From the finish of your bed frame to the firmness of your mattress, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the bed of your dreams. One big decision is the size of your bed frame, which often serves as a bedroom centerpiece. If you’re interested in a luxuriously spacious setup, then you’re likely eyeing king-size beds.

So, how wide is a king size bed frame, really? The “standard” king-size frame measures about 78–81” wide by 82–85” long, but there are also many king variations to consider, including the California, Alaska, and Texas kings. Beyond that, a beautifully adorned bed frame can take up more space than a super simple frame, so there’s also the matter of aesthetics to consider.

Here’s everything you need to know about king-sized bed frames—including the most popular variations—so you can choose the perfect focal point for your bedroom.

King Mattress and Bed Frame Dimensions

When it comes to selecting a bed, there are plenty of factors to keep in mind, such as the size of your bedroom, your decoration style, and your sleep preferences. If you prefer a bed you can sprawl across, you toss and turn in the night, or you sleep with a partner (or pet, or both), then you’re probably eyeing a king-size bed. If so, you’re not alone: nearly 20% of sleepers have a king-size bed.1

If you’re wondering how wide a king-size bed frame is, the general rule is that most frames are a few inches wider than the standard-sized mattress, in both dimensions.

With that in mind, a standard king-size mattress is 76” wide and 80” long (or 193 cm wide and 203 cm long). This mattress is big enough to comfortably fit couples, even if you’re not big on cuddling. Each sleeper will have enough room to comfortably spread out. This bed size is even large enough for children or pets to share the space as well.

When you’re choosing your bed and designing your bedroom, keep in mind that you’ll need to accommodate not only the mattress but also the additional space that the bed frame occupies. With at least a few additional inches on each side, you can expect the average king-size bed frame to be between 78 and 81” wide and 82 and 85” long.

King Size Mattress and Bed Frame Variations

When you start to explore different king-size bed mattresses and bed frames, you’ll quickly realize that, within this category, there are several variations. It’s important to know the difference so you’re able to choose the mattress size that best fits your needs and vision, as well as a frame that complements it perfectly.

How wide is a king-size bed frame? Depends on which type you’re asking about.

Here are the main varieties of king-size mattresses—and their corresponding bed frames—that you’ll find on the market.

California King Bed Frame Size

While standard king mattresses prioritize width, California king beds are the gold standard when it comes to length. The California king mattress is the longest standard mattress on the market, typically 72” wide and 84” long. Keep in mind, this means that this bed is more narrow than a regular king size bed, but it is four inches longer. This makes California king beds ideal for taller sleepers.

California king bed frames, then, typically measure around 74-77” wide, and around 87–89” in length. As you can see here, the standard equation is to add 2–5” to each dimension.

Split King Bed Frame Size

Which is bigger: two twin XL beds pushed together or one king mattress? Trick question! They’re exactly the same. Two twin XL mattresses placed next to each other create what’s called a split king bed. Split kings are perfect for couples with different mattress preferences (firm vs. soft, springs vs. memory foam) and potentially different sleep habits. With two separate mattresses, one can toss and turn without disrupting the other.

The dimensions of a twin XL mattress are 38” in width by 80” in length. When you combine them to form a split king bed, you have the same dimensions as a standard king: 76” in width and 80” in length. Similarly, you can expect a split king bed frame to be around the same size as a standard king-size bed frame, between 78-81” wide and 82-85” long.

With two separate mattresses, you also have the option for an adjustable bed, which might take up a bit more space than your average king frame.

Wyoming King Bed Frame Size

Next on our list is the Wyoming king mattress, which measures in at a whopping 84” by 84.” That’s seven feet all around, for anyone keeping score. This square mattress leaves plenty of room for any sleeper—and multiple sleepers—to spread out. Wyoming king bed frames are typically 90” wide and 93” long.

Texas King Bed Frame Size

The Texas king is one of the largest beds available on the market, second only to the massive Alaskan king size bed (which we’ll talk about in a moment).

You can think of this bed as a California king but supersized. Unlike the square Wyoming or wide standard king, a Texas king is narrow compared to its width, coming in at 80” wide by 98” long. These bed frames typically have to be custom-ordered, and you can expect measurements of at least 82” by 100.” Speaking of custom bed frames, check out our selection of handcrafted, American-made bed frames today.

Alaskan King Bed Frame Size

With all that wide-open space up in Alaska, it’s no surprise that the Alaskan king-size bed is the absolute biggest bed you can find. Another square mattress (like the Wyoming, with an additional foot on all four sides), the Alaskan king measures 108” wide by 108” long.

This bed comfortably fits several people (both adults and children) and is a great choice for those who really love to sprawl out or have dogs, cats, and kiddos constantly climbing into bed with them.

Due to this mattress's large size, the bed frame measures about 113” wide by 117” long.

Alberta King Bed Frame Size

The Alberta king bed is another square-shaped bed, ranking right between the Wyoming and Alaskan. An Alberta king mattress is 96” wide by 96” long, making it a foot wider and longer than the Wyoming king, and a foot shorter and narrower than the Alaskan.

If you choose a mattress of this size, keep in mind that the bed frames are usually at least 98” wide and long.

How Wide Is a King Size Bed Frame

Who is a King Size Bed Good For?

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious sleep sanctuary, then a king-size bed might just be the answer. But before you upgrade your mattress to one of these options, consider if this sprawling sleep solution is right for your routine and home.

Not sure if a king size bed is right for you? Here’s a list of some of the people who can benefit from the expansive comfort of a king-size bed:

  • Couples who crave extra space – Just because you share a bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal space. King-size beds offer ample space to sleep close together or retreat to your own side of the bed. You can adjust positions frequently and get up as needed while minimizing nighttime disruptions to the other sleeper.
  • Tall people – If you find yourself cramped in a full or queen, then a king-size mattress (or better yet, a California king) might just be the perfect solution. You’ll find the extra legroom can be a game-changer when it comes to a truly comfortable sleep.
  • Anyone looking for more restful sleep – Comfort is key to sleeping well, according to Ivy League researchers.2 King-size beds can provide you with the ultimate comfort, especially if you want to spread out, sleep like a starfish, relax in bed with your loved ones, and have an overall spacious sleep experience.
  • Lovers of luxury – There’s no denying the indulgent feeling of sinking into a king-size bed. It can instantly elevate your bedroom (and sleep) to a resort-like experience. Just make sure you have the room size for it.
  • Co-sleeping families – If you sleep or hang out in bed with children or pets, you might want to consider a king-size mattress. It creates a cozy sleep haven with space for everyone.
  • Restless sleepers – Tossing and turning can be tough for everyone. It’s a common occurrence, too: many adults are kept up by insomnia and other sleep conditions.3 If you’re a restless sleeper or have trouble sleeping due to health conditions, a king-size bed provides you room to comfortably and freely move around in the night.

Decided that a king-size bed frame is not for you? Check out our other articles to learn about queen-size bed frame dimensions, full-size bed frame dimensions, and twin-size bed frame dimensions for more.

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