How to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs

Mixing and matching furniture, especially in a gatherine place like the dining room, can see a little bit scary, but after so many years in the dining room furniture business, we've got some great looks and ideas to inspire you! The key to mixing and matching is a little bit of consistency - the matching part - to pull everything together! While there are really limitless possiblities for mixing and matching dining room chairs, here are 7 ideas to get you started:


1. Matching doesn't mean identical!

While the legs of the wooden bench are not exactly the same as the turned legs of the table, both feature graceful curves and are finished in the same colors. The wooden chairs on the other side and at both ends is finished in the same stain as the table and bench top.  This is one of our very favorite ways to style a modern farmhouse dining space!

2. Use Color for Consistency

For a super budget friendly approach, find a mix of random chairs you like in all different shapes and styles, then paint them all the same color! Shop thirft stores and garage sales for the best deals.

3. Mix Heights!

Pair a highback upholstred bench with low chairs. Pick colors for the chairs that are similar to the finish on the table top or table base to keep the look clean and put together. 

4. Different Chairs, Same Fabric!

Mix side chairs and end chairs and even add in an upholstered bench. The styles are different, but all seating is all the same upholstery. 

5. Use Symmetry!

Find two styles of chairs you like and place the opposite each other at a square table. The symmetry keeps the room from looking busy. 

6. Look For Similar Details:

While not same color, this mix-matched seating looks great together! Both looks pictured above feature seating with tufts, similar profiles, and similar fabric choices with colors that coordinate beautifully with each other. 

7. Have fun!

What is so great about mixing and matching is that it really comes down to your own personal style - if you like it, go for it!

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