How to Decorate a Church Pew Bench in Your Home

Updated April 22, 2024

We build a lot of re-creation church pews for homes across the country in numerous sizes and finishes. We love seeing how the pews we've built are used in entryways, dining rooms, and other places throughout the home.

Innovative Church Pew Ideas for Every Room

Church pews are not just for seating congregations anymore. Their sturdiness, style, and adaptability make them coveted furniture pieces for adding character to any home. Here are some creative church pew ideas to inspire your next home decor project, no matter what room it’s in.

The Parish Pew Bench by James+James.


The Rustic Church Pew by James+James.

Transform Your Entryway with a Church Pew Bench

  • A Welcoming First Impression: Place a beautiful new or repurposed church pew in your entryway to greet guests with charm. Add a cushion and some pillows for comfort and a pop of color.
  • Functional Decor: Utilize the space beneath the pew for shoe storage or place a bench on the side for additional seating and decorative purposes.


Dining with a Difference: Church Pews in the Dining Room

  • A Rustic Banquette: Swap out traditional chairs for a church pew bench on one side of your dining table. This not only maximizes space but also adds a unique, communal feel to mealtime.
  • Special Occasion Decor: Dress up your pew with ribbon, lanterns, and flower arrangements for holidays and special occasions, turning every meal into a celebration.

The Rustic Church Pew by James+James.





Church Pew Decoration for the Living Room

  • Create a Cozy Nook: An old church pew can be a quaint addition to your living room, offering extra seating and a unique touch. Enhance it with soft pillows, warm throws, and fresh flowers to invite relaxation.
  • Farmhouse Flair: Embrace farmhouse style by incorporating a vintage church pew into your living space. A coat of paint in a pastel hue can brighten the room and add a welcoming vibe.


The Rustic Church Pew by James+James.

The Rustic Church Pew by James+James.

Beyond the Indoors: Church Pew Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

  • Garden Seating: An outdoor bench crafted from a new or antique church pew can provide a serene spot to enjoy your garden. Treat the wood with a durable finish to withstand the elements.
  • Porch Perfection: A pew can transform a porch into a picturesque area for morning coffees and sunset watching. Add outdoor cushions and a few lanterns for ambiance.

Final Thoughts on Decorating with Church Pews

Church pews offer a blend of history, craftsmanship, and versatility, making them a beautiful piece of furniture to include in your home decor. Whether you prefer a contemporary style or a more traditional look, there are countless ways to incorporate these unique pieces into your space.


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