Dining Tables Ideas For Dark Wood Floors

We love helping our clients across the country select the best finish colors for their new handcrafted furniture! Here are four tips to help you decide on your dining room table finish colors when you're working with dark wood floors.

1. Consider adding a rug if you like dark wood finishes for your furniture and your floors are dark, too!

2. When you're working with wood floors, the finish of your floor is most likely the most dominate color / finish in your space. Unless you're planning to change your flooring out, look for a few other finishes that will compliment your floor's finish. 

3. Don't be afraid to mix and match wood colors finish colors. Doing a painted base with a dark stained top is a great way to give your space some more visual interest! It also helps the table top stand out more without looking too matchy-matchy!

4. Contrasting your dark wood floors with a lighter colored wood table is a lovely way to compliment dark wood floors. 

5. If possible, consider bringing a sample of your wood flooring with you when furniture shopping or ask about stain samples or swatches! James+James Furniture offers a wide variety of finish colors for custom made, handcrafted furniture. 


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