Dining Table Ideas For Light Wood Floors

We get to build tables for hundreds of wonderful clients every year and often get asked about how to select the right dining table for homes with light wood floors. Here are some ideas to help you settle on what finish color your new dining table should be to look amazing against your light wood floors!

Don't be afraid to mix and match wood colors in your dining room. Light wood floors tend to bounce light around a space which allows light wood floors to work with almost any other wood finish color! If everything is the exact same color and wood species, your room might look a bit flat and boring and the show stopper of your dining room, the dining table, may not pack much of a punch! When you mix wood finishes, you're adding more depth and visual interest to your room. 

When you're working with wood floors, the finish of your floor is most likely the most dominate color / finish in your space. Unless you're planning to change your flooring out, look for a few other finishes that will compliment your floor's finish. 

Contrasting your light wood floors with a darker wood table is a beautiful way to compliment light hardwood floors. 

If you're drawn to lighter wood finishes for your furniture, consider adding a rug under your table for a colorful (or neutral!) break. 


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