Additional Desk Features

Desks are a personal space and we want your desk to fit your specific needs. Customize with any of the additional features here!

Wireless Charger

Compatible with any Wireless Qi charging devices.

Compatible with any Wireless Qi charging devices.

Dimensions: approx. 3" diameter


Pencil Drawer

Features individual compartments for office supply storage.

Outside Dimensions: approx. 23"W x 16" D x 2"T


Under Desk Drawer

Open storage space for larger desk items.

Outside Dimensions: approx. 21.5"W x 14" D x 3"T


Power Grommet

Features 2AC/2USB power ability.

Dimensions: approx. 4" diameter 


Keyboard Tray

Built to your custom size by our James+James team!

Standard Outside Dimensions: approx. 24"W x 12"D

Cord Drop Grommet

Allows for easy hiding of cords.

Dimensions: approx. 2-3/4" diameter:


If you select these additional features when ordering your desk online, our team will be in touch to confirm your specific placement. 

Have a different additional feature in mind? Nearly everything about our desks can be customized. Just give us a call to speak with a design consultant: 479.633.7557 or use chat bubble below.


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