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Fall 2017 Collection - Introducing the Vera and the Caroline

| Molly at James+James

In early September 2017, James+James launched a new line of dining furniture featuring solid hardwood construction and five new finish options! Meet Vera and Caroline, two of the new tables in the Fall 2017 Collection. 

The Vera Trestle Table was inspired by old world European style - with a contemporary update.  Solid Knotty Alder construction paired with a polyurethane finish gives Vera the strength and durability your family needs without sacrificing style. We paired the Vera Table with our Bentwood Dining Chairs for a look that is both classic and comfy!

Our new Barn Wood Finish pictured here is reminiscent of reclaimed lumber, with warm grey tones beautifully distributed across the unique grain pattern of Knotty Alder. 

Like the Vera Table, the Tabriz Jewel Rug brings together the best of classic and contemporary styles. 

If your space lends itself to a round table design, we think you'll love the new Round Caroline Pedestal Dining Table:


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Building The Living Room

| James

This week, we'll be launching nearly 30 new living room pieces. The new line will feature end tables / side tables, coffee tables, entryway tables / sofa tables, bookshelves, TV stand consoles, and more. We've been working on this for months and we're so excited to share the entire collection! Historically, James+James has been exceptionally strong in the dining room. Our name is almost synonomous with high quality dining furniture. Over the last few years, we've been increasingly asked for a wider offering and new designs for the entire home.  Last summer, we relaunched our bed collection and began to offer barn door kits. As our company continues to grow, we're focusing a lot of resources into bringing the same quality and customization we're known for in the dining room across the entire home. 

With nearly 70% of our sales coming via our website, we knew that photography was an area we needed to improve to help our remote customers truly...

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Carpenter Spotlight - Meet Skyler!

| Carpenter Skyler


When I graduated college in 2014, I landed a salaried position doing administrative work. My family was happy for me but I started having second thoughts after the first couple weeks. The air conditioning  was unnaturally cool and unwavering throughout the day. It made me nauseous. The cramped cubicle didn’t help. It was so small you couldn’t even turn around all the way. I started making a frequently suspicious amount of visits to water cooler. My department head didn’t like that. The only noise other than the light bulbs were the rolling clicks of a keyboard or a solitary cough every so often. I crossed my legs to keep from tapping my feet.  I quit after about a month. 

After that, I worked several other jobs. I worked in a deli, cooked for a coffee house, and delivered my fair share of pizzas.  None of those really did it for me either. At one point, an employer suggested I might have a knack for carpentry. I started asking around and...

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Vintage Stains Explained

| L.J. at James+James

At James+James, we offer several stains to choose from for your solid wood furniture and each stain has a Vintage option. Choosing the Vintage option means that your furniture will be stained as normal by one of our experienced carpenters and then "vintaged" or distressed in certain areas by sanding. This process brings out more of the color of the wood beneath the stain and allows for more variation of the stain to be seen in the grain of the wood. Below you will see examples of each of our regular stains (Midnight, Kona, Dark Walnut, Industrial Grey, and Early American) and the Vintage option for each stain color.

Have you had a chance to check out our Customer Gallery? You can use a filter to see each stain color on different pieces of furniture in different homes!

Check out each option and reach out to us if you have any questions at all! 


Vintage Midnight 


Vintage Kona

Dark Walnut

Vintage Dark Walnut

Industrial Grey


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James+James Outdoor Furniture

| L.J. at James+James

Have you ever wondered if James+James offered outdoor furniture? We can definitely build custom solid wood outdoor furniture that is weather resistant! The reason that it is not offered standard on our website is because each order is so custom. If you are interested in purchasing outdoor furniture, and want us to build you a custom table, email us or call us!

When we build outdoor furniture, the process is much more extensive than our usual building process. The wood for our outdoor furniture is cut to size, stained in your preference of color, and then sealed with a Spar Urethane varnish which is oil based and helps protect against UV and water damage. Our carpenters then build the table with the pre-sealed boards before it gets another coat of the outdoor treatment. 

Typically, our outdoor tables are built with Southern Yellow Pine with a traditional, boarded top, and without endcaps. You can learn more about a traditional top here! We can also build...

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How To Decide Between a Traditional or Jointed Table Top

| L.J. at James+James

At James+James, we offer two different ways your table top can be custom built: Traditional and Jointed. People searching for a new dining table usually ask how to choose between a traditional top and a jointed top. They also wonder what the difference is between a traditional boarded table top and jointed table top. A Traditional, boarded table top features individual boards that run the full length of the table top. With the traditional top, you can see the physical space between each of the wood planks. You can also customize your traditional top to feature endcaps, perpendicular boards at each end of the table top. To create a Jointed top, individual boards are jointed together to create a solid table top. There are not grooves between each board of a jointed table top, but you still have the character of beautiful wood grain and unique knots. Below are some examples of each style to help you make the best choice!

Traditional Table Top

Steel X Base Dining Table with a...

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How To Select The Right Paint and Wood Stain Colors

| Jared at James+James

At James+James, we offer 5 stain finish options which are also available in as a  “vintage” stain. Below we've included both images and descriptions of each stain color to help familiarize you and your family with our finish options. Our furniture is built from solid, real wood, so every piece of custom James+James furniture will have a unique appearance with some wood taking the stain lighter or darker and with slight varying hues. We encourage you to browse the hundreds of pictures in both our Customer Gallery and Facebook photos to see how each stain can appear differently in each unique setting. Our Customer Gallery has a filter so you can see each stain color on different pieces of furniture in different homes! Keep in mind some pictures may have been taken in florescent, incandescent, or natural lighting which will also influence how the stain appears in each picture. Most of our pictures were submitted by past customers and are typically not taken...

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How To Select The Appropriate Shape and Size Dining Table For Your Space

| Jared at James+James

With so many different shapes and sizes of dining tables, it can feel a little bit scary trying to pick out the right fit for your home! Don’t worry, though -  You don’t need to be a designer to figure out what size table will work best in your space. We’ll share the tips and tricks we’ve gleaned over our years of building solid wood tables for dining rooms and kitchens all over the country!

Farmhouse Table with Benches

First, you’ll need to know the measurements of the space where the table will be placed.

Olivia Turned Leg Table with Elouise Linen Dining Chairs

Measure table-to-wall clearance

Measure the space around the room. To allow diners to sit down and get up easily from their seats, try to leave 24”-48" between your table and walls.

dining 1.jpg

Measure table-to-furniture clearance

If there is furniture in the dining space, begin your 24”-48" measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall. This will...

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Getting Creative With Removable Wallpapers

| Jared at James+James



Removable wallpapers are for designers and DIY home owners alike, to give their home a new look! Age old wallpapers that have adorned ancestral homes for generations are a thing of the past. Choose from vibrantly themed removable wallpapers to match your personal taste and style.


Wallpapers  are an easy-to-use product, that can update any space instantaneously. Here are a compilation of benefits to choosing wallpapers.


  • To start with, removable wallpapers are surprisingly fairly easy to handle.  They can also be easily removed without your walls being damaged.

  • Have a temporary living space or rented space? Removable wallpapers are safe for all kinds of surfaces, and temporary.

  • Most removable wallpapers can be applied on all types of surfaces starting from wood to glass.

  • In the process of refurbishment, removable wallpapers are less time consuming than painting the walls.

  • The choice of themes and colours is numerous. Mix and match...

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Top Home Paint Trends in 2015

| Jared at James+James


During 2014, home decorators already had enough of Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid”, which was considered to be the color of last year. The New Year has promised an entire set of new trends that are bound to make your interior spaces look exquisite for all its occupants.

Here is a list of shades that accordingly Pantone and a host of other design forecasters, are expected to gain significant popularity this year–

Two Hues of Blue

It is forecasted that Mediterranean Blue and Seaport are the two shades of blue that will gain vogue status come 2015. Considered to a versatile color of all seasons, designers love the sense of peace and calm it brings into any room.


Retro Colors

Most people argue that retro was never really out of style, and 2015 may be the year it comes back with a bang. Retro and other vintage shades such as pale gold, poodle pink and burnt orange will be all the rage next year. If you are starting your redecorating now, use this as a...

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