From corporate offices, goverment buildings, and burger joints to breweries, wineries, retail stores, and cafes; James+James has tackled commercial builds across the country and is the perfect custom-furniture partner to meet your specific needs at a reasonable price.

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Belle Boutique Bentonville Table Round Midnight and Black

Belle Boutique in Bentonville Arkansas. 80" round, solid wood display table.

moxy ok custom conference table industrial grey ivory 9 feet farmhouse

Custom conference table and desks for print/design company Moxy Ox.

firehouse table rogers fd custom vinyl

Custom dining table for the Rogers Fire Department. Rogers, AR

craft and growler texas table

craft and growler texas table

Custom tables and benches for the newly opened Craft and Growler in Dallas, TX.

Wine Post Dallas Tables

Multiple tables for Wine Poste in Dallas, TX.

Pizza West Tables
Pizza West Tables
Pizza West Tables

Multiple tables for Pizza West in La Vista, Nebraska

monkey bars nashville, tn conference table farmhouse black

Custom conference table for health food company Monkey Brains in Nashville, TN

heirloom food and gifts rogers, arkansas cafe counter

Custom table for Heirloom Food and Gifts cafe in Rogers, AR

Solid wood desks hand built design firm fruitful

Solid wood desks hand built design firm fruitful

Fruitful Design in Omaha Nebraska.

Customer Conference Table in Dallas for Bragalone PC

Custom conference table for Bragalone Conroy, PC in downtown Dallas.

14ft 14' custom conference table in Chicago

14' conference table for Framarx/Waxstar in Chicago