Top Style Options Explained


Each table can be built with a “Jointed” smooth table top, which means that those hardwood boards are joined together, creating a smooth, easy-to-clean surface with no tangible open gaps or grooves between, though a jointed smooth top will still feature all the natural characteristics of a handcrafted piece with rustic imperfections.

This top has a jointed, smooth surface top. The boards are jointed together and there are no gaps or grooves between them:


Boarded - Grooved

Looking for something a little more traditional? The “Boarded - Grooved” table top look features added grooves to a Jointed top that creates the appearance of a traditional plank top. There are no actual gaps between the boards, only grooves cut into the top to give the appearance of individual boards.





Boarded Look With End-Caps - Grooved

Mix up your Boarded - Grooved look with some added end caps that run perpendicular on either end with the “Boarded Look With End-Caps - Grooved” option.



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