Chair Spacing Between Farmhouse Table Legs

So you've decided on a Farmhouse Table, but you need help deciding how many chairs you can fit or what length table you need to fit your chairs? Hopefully this write-up will help. If not, please reach out to our team via phone (479-633-7557), text, email or comment below and we'd be happy to help.

As a general rule, a 6ft famhouse table seats 6, an 8ft farmhouse seats 8, a 10ft farmhouse seats 10 etc. but it does depend on your chair widths and other considerations. This blog post may help you with general table sizing.

Here's the hard math: With a farmhouse table the top overhangs approx. 2" on each end, the apron is approx. 1.5" thick on each end, and each leg is approx. 3.5" thick. So if you take the table's length and subtract 14" [2" (overhand) + 1.5" (apron) + 3.5" (leg) + 3.5" (leg)+ 1.5" (apron) + 2" (overhand)] you're left with the seating space between the legs. A 72" farmhouse table, for example, has approx. 58" between the table legs (72" - 14").

Most dining chairs are 16" - 20" wide and you'll want several inches of space between the table leg and the first chair and between each of the chairs. Typically, the rule of 24" to 28" per person works, but if you have abnormally wide or narrow chairs you may need to adjust accordingly. 

An 8ft Farmhouse Table with 8 Elizabeth Chairs


A 6ft Farmhouse Table with 6 Elizabeth Chairs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team via phone (479-633-7557), text, email or comment below and we'd be happy to help.

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