james+james stain guide
  • Vintage Distressing

    All of our tables are built with distressed wood at no extra costs. However, if you select one of our vintage distressed stains (Vintage Midnight, Vintage Dark Walnut, etc.) there is an up-charge for the additional labor involved with vintage distressing the stain itself. Vintage distressing gives the stain a distressed or worn look, as opposed to the distressed wood itself which comes with all furniture.

  • End caps (perpendicular end boards)

    Often also called bread boards, end caps can be added to dress up the table top and can best be described as perpendicular boards that 'cap' off the table top's long boards.

  • End caps:

    Options endcaps
  • No end caps:

    Options no endcaps
  • Jointed (smooth, not boarded) top:

    Our tables are built with individual boards on the top to maintain a traditional farmhouse look. We do, however, offer the option to join all the boards together to created a solid top.

  • Normal, boarded top:

    Options boarded2
  • Jointed, smooth top:

    Options jointed2
  • Tapered Legs

  • Normal, square legs:

    Options square legs2
  • Tapered legs:

    Options tapered legs2
  • Pub height table:

    Pub height is traditionally 36" floor to top and counter/bar height is 42" floor to top. However, your table will be custom built for you, so please specify the exact height you would like your table to be built at.

  • Outdoor treatment:

    When we outdoor treat a table, we completely seal in each board before and after assembling the table. This ensures that the table is water tight and also well protected from sunlight. Outdoor treatment is not availible with our optional jointed top tables.