Top Home Paint Trends in 2015


During 2014, home decorators already had enough of Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid”, which was considered to be the color of last year. The New Year has promised an entire set of new trends that are bound to make your interior spaces look exquisite for all its occupants.

Here is a list of shades that accordingly Pantone and a host of other design forecasters, are expected to gain significant popularity this year–

Two Hues of Blue

It is forecasted that Mediterranean Blue and Seaport are the two shades of blue that will gain vogue status come 2015. Considered to a versatile color of all seasons, designers love the sense of peace and calm it brings into any room.


Retro Colors

Most people argue that retro was never really out of style, and 2015 may be the year it comes back with a bang. Retro and other vintage shades such as pale gold, poodle pink and burnt orange will be all the rage next year. If you are starting your redecorating now, use this as a chance to become a trend setter.



Shades of flamingo pinks, purple and palm greens are expected to be extremely popular this year. These colors too, help set a relaxing, romantic and soft mood in any space. If you truly want to make a statement, consider teaming them up with attention grabbing neon.




While shades of gray, brown and crème were originally used as a safe choice, this year they are expected to become a stylish option worth considering. Neutral colors are able to naturally infuse into interiors to balance the environment of any space. Soft gray and olive green are expected to make it to the list of the hottest neutrals according some design experts.



Bold Statement Combinations

Bold shades can add a beautiful pop to the interior design. Consider combinations of deep shades of gray with black or citrus tones, or a blend of Red Dahlia with neutral off-whites to make an impact in your space.

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Whatever shade you select, make sure that it is cohesive with the overall personality of the home and the residents that occupy it. We hope this helps give you some inspiration to live bold and beautifully this year!


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