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Selecting the right wood finish for your space can feel daunting. You want to get it right. You probably already have floor colors, wall colors, cabinet colors to contend with.

Luckily, we build thousands of tables each year and here’s what you need to know to be certain you’re selecting the correct finish color:

Tip 1: Get Inspired

We have hundreds of pictures from past customers in our gallery. 


Tip 2:  Order A Sample

If you’re going back and forth between stain options, we reccomend ordering a stain sample or two. You can also return them for a refund less postage.



Tip 3:  Let Us Help

Our design consultants see hundreds of spaces each year and would love to help you. We’d love to hear about what you’re working to accomplish with your space, look at pictures of your room, and provide finish reccomendations. Simply give us a call 479-633-7557 or email us




Early American:



Dark Walnut:

Kristin Hill 10.jpg  





Industrial Grey:





We also offer what we call a “vintage” finish for each of the stain colors mentioned above, which gives the finish piece a more worn and rustic look and allows the lighter elements of the raw wood to surface in the distressed areas. You can learn more about our vintage options here.

Need More Help? We know deciding on furniture comes with a lot of questions. That's why our design consultants are here to help.  Simply give us a call 479-633-7557 or email us

Now that you’ve got your finish figured out, let’s take a dive into sizing. What size is best for your space?


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