How Do You Buy A Custom Table Online?

Even though we've been in business since 2011, we know buying furniture online is a new experience for a lot of our customers and can be scary and confusing. So, we put together this simple guide to help:


1.  Determine Right Shape For Your Space: Rectangular, Square, or Round? We've put together a few helpful guides: 

How to Select The Right Shape Dining Table:

How to decide between a round or square table:


2.  Select The Right Style of Table: Which look/table style is best for your home?  

Rectangular Tables:

Round Tables:

Square Tables:

Don't see the style you're wanting? We do custom builds every day. Email with what you're needing and we'll get you a quote back.


3.  Figure Out What Size You Need:

How to Select The Right Size Dining Table:

Don't see the size you need? No problem, we can likely customize. Email with what you're needing and we'll get you a quote back.


4.  Select The Perfect Finish/Paint Colors:

How to select the right paint and finish colors:


5.  Finish Your Set:

All of our wooden chairs:

All of our upholstered chairs:

All of our benches:

All of our stools:

All of our rugs:

All of our lighting:


Still have questions? Email our design team your questions, comment below, or give us a call or a text 479-633-7557 We'd love to help!

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