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The James+James Promise

| James at James+James

We believe craftspeople should stand behind their products. We also know buying furniture online can seem scary. That’s why we always promise:


  1. If your furniture isn’t built the color, size, style etc. that you ordered, we’ll fix or replace it.

  2. If your furniture arrives damaged, we’ll fix or replace it.

  3. If your furniture ever cracks or splits, we’ll fix or replace it.

  4. Your furniture will be ready and delivered when we said it would be.

The James+James Promise is our guarantee to you for as long as you own your custom James+James furniture. Even though we build hundreds of tables each year, our small team is like a family. That means you won’t get stuck behind call centers and big company policies if everything isn’t perfect. The same person who answered the call to help you place the order will be there if you need any help after. Need to reach James himself? Shoot him an email - he’d also love...

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