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Seating for Round Dining Tables

| Molly at James+James

A round dining table can help create a tone of intimacy in your kitchen or dining room. Everyone is on equal ground, so to speak. Since everyone is the same distance from each other, there's no straining to hear convesation at the other end of a long table. Round tables can also pull double duty for family fun - eat dinner, then move straight onto game night! From formal to country chic, here are some of our favorite ways to style a round dining table with chairs.

Farmhouse Favorites

For a casual and inviting look, try pairing solid wood chairs with a solid wood table. The finishes don't need to be an exact match - look for colors that have similar undertones.

Solid wood Round Pedestal Dining Table with Elizabeth Dining Chairs

Solid hardwood Round Heirloom Pedestal Table with Thomas Dining Chairs. The client brought in a unique buffet to complete the look. 

Warm Modern Industrial 

Love the industrial look but don't want to get too "lofty" in...

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How to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs

| Molly at James+James

Mixing and matching furniture, especially in a gatherine place like the dining room, can see a little bit scary, but after so many years in the dining room furniture business, we've got some great looks and ideas to inspire you! The key to mixing and matching is a little bit of consistency - the matching part - to pull everything together! While there are really limitless possiblities for mixing and matching dining room chairs, here are 7 ideas to get you started:


1. Matching doesn't mean identical!

While the legs of the wooden bench are not exactly the same as the turned legs of the table, both feature graceful curves and are finished in the same colors. The wooden chairs on the other side and at both ends is finished in the same stain as the table and bench top.  This is one of our very favorite ways to style a modern farmhouse dining space!

2. Use Color for Consistency

For a super budget friendly approach, find a mix of random chairs you like in all...

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