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What Finish Color Is Best For My Space?

| James at James+James


Selecting the right wood finish for your space can feel daunting. You want to get it right. You probably already have floor colors, wall colors, cabinet colors to contend with.

Luckily, we build thousands of tables each year and here’s what you need to know to be certain you’re selecting the correct finish color:

Tip 1: Get Inspired

We have hundreds of pictures from past customers in our gallery. The images can even be filtered by finish color using the drop down at the top.


Tip 2:  Order A Sample

If you’re going back and forth between finish options, we reccomend ordering a finish sample or two. You can also return them for a refund less postage.



Tip 3:  Let Us Help

Our design consultants see hundreds of spaces each year and would love to help you. We’d love to hear about what you’re working to accomplish with your space, look at pictures of your room, and provide finish reccomendations. Simply give us...

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Getting Creative With Removable Wallpapers

| James at James+James



Removable wallpapers are for designers and DIY home owners alike, to give their home a new look! Age old wallpapers that have adorned ancestral homes for generations are a thing of the past. Choose from vibrantly themed removable wallpapers to match your personal taste and style.


Wallpapers  are an easy-to-use product, that can update any space instantaneously. Here are a compilation of benefits to choosing wallpapers.


  • To start with, removable wallpapers are surprisingly fairly easy to handle.  They can also be easily removed without your walls being damaged.

  • Have a temporary living space or rented space? Removable wallpapers are safe for all kinds of surfaces, and temporary.

  • Most removable wallpapers can be applied on all types of surfaces starting from wood to glass.

  • In the process of refurbishment, removable wallpapers are less time consuming than painting the walls.

  • The choice of themes and colours is numerous. Mix and match...

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Top Home Paint Trends in 2015

| James at James+James


During 2014, home decorators already had enough of Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid”, which was considered to be the color of last year. The New Year has promised an entire set of new trends that are bound to make your interior spaces look exquisite for all its occupants.

Here is a list of shades that accordingly Pantone and a host of other design forecasters, are expected to gain significant popularity this year–

Two Hues of Blue

It is forecasted that Mediterranean Blue and Seaport are the two shades of blue that will gain vogue status come 2015. Considered to a versatile color of all seasons, designers love the sense of peace and calm it brings into any room.


Retro Colors

Most people argue that retro was never really out of style, and 2015 may be the year it comes back with a bang. Retro and other vintage shades such as pale gold, poodle pink and burnt orange will be all the rage next year. If you are starting your redecorating now, use this as a...

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