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Carpenter Spotlight - Meet Skyler!

| Carpenter Skyler


When I graduated college in 2014, I landed a salaried position doing administrative work. My family was happy for me but I started having second thoughts after the first couple weeks. The air conditioning  was unnaturally cool and unwavering throughout the day. It made me nauseous. The cramped cubicle didn’t help. It was so small you couldn’t even turn around all the way. I started making a frequently suspicious amount of visits to water cooler. My department head didn’t like that. The only noise other than the light bulbs were the rolling clicks of a keyboard or a solitary cough every so often. I crossed my legs to keep from tapping my feet.  I quit after about a month. 

After that, I worked several other jobs. I worked in a deli, cooked for a coffee house, and delivered my fair share of pizzas.  None of those really did it for me either. At one point, an employer suggested I might have a knack for carpentry. I started asking around and...

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