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How To Decide Between a Traditional or Jointed Table Top

| L.J. at James+James

At James+James, we offer two different ways your table top can be custom built: Traditional and Jointed. People searching for a new dining table usually ask how to choose between a traditional top and a jointed top. They also wonder what the difference is between a traditional boarded table top and jointed table top. A Traditional, boarded table top features individual boards that run the full length of the table top. With the traditional top, you can see the physical space between each of the wood planks. You can also customize your traditional top to feature endcaps, perpendicular boards at each end of the table top. To create a Jointed top, individual boards are jointed together to create a solid table top. There are not grooves between each board of a jointed table top, but you still have the character of beautiful wood grain and unique knots. Below are some examples of each style to help you make the best choice!

Traditional Table Top

Steel X Base Dining Table with a...

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